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How to give your posts personality.

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Alec England, Columnist

January 21, 2016

When it comes to business, people often default to their more “professional” sides. Duh, Alec. Its business. But there comes a time that we need to put that suit personality aside and remind customers that we are people. People who don’t talk and sound like an “Advanced Financial Analysis” textbook. No one wants to read that. Trust me, my roommate is a living example.

A lot of the time, when we begin writing or creating content that we think our social media followers will like, we default to that kind of voice. And that may be the reason that some posts only get, like, 10 likes. That “business-ey” tone becomes the barrier between you and your customers/followers. So, how do you reconnect with them? How do you get them to look forward to your content? The answer is simple. Use YOUR voice.

At Centerlyne, most of our clients run small businesses or campaigns. Because of this, they have the power over their social media accounts and what content goes live. No “board of directors”, no “artistic/social media/marketing directors”. No one is forcing you to change what you write and how you write it.

web design keep talkingTake advantage of this. Use your voice while you can (assuming your business gets huge someday and you actually need to hire a marketing director or whatever). In other words, write like you talk. Since I have started making video for Centerlyne, I have noticed that my regular voice is much different than my “writer’s voice”. And it is easier for me to come up with ideas when I use it.

I often talk about “keeping things simple” or “being approachable” on social media. This is how you do it. This is the first step. When it comes time to write up an article or blog post or whatever else, use your voice. Imagine what you write is what is being said at a coffee shop with your co-workers (I say co-workers because your friends might get tired of listening to you talk about work all the time). Odds are, if your content is engaging and approachable, your followers will read it.

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