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By July 29, 2019 Google, Socialyfe

Where does the time go? It’s already late July, and we are full swing into summer mode. You’re probably wondering exactly what that means; well, it’s simple. We love to spend time outdoors, from horseback riding to waterskiing mixed in with some camping in remote places, you name it!

Moving beyond the beauty of summer, we want to talk about why Google business reviews are important. Let’s preface this by saying we’ve recently gotten hooked on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. There is so much to learn from Duct Tape Marketing. Diving deeper into a topic that was discussed in one of their recent podcasts, Google business reviews. All reviews are important for any business, but Google business reviews are especially critical for smaller, local companies.

As we all know, Google is a at the top of their game, they dominate, you have to conform to their ways. One of those ways is through reviews. When you search a business on Google, you’ll see that three (3) companies pull up on the map listing. They are calling this a “three-pack”, it used to be a “seven-pack” but it has dropped to three in the last year. All the more reason to push for reviews. Those businesses that fit closest to your search terms and have the best reviews will be the ones you see first. As a business owner, you want to increase your Google reviews both in quantity and rating so that you’re showing up on this local map.

The best way to do this is by simply asking clients to give you a review. You can simplify the process for them by sending a link to your Google business page where you’d like the review left, as well as request for a review in person. Once your reviews begin coming in, and the quantity of reviews increases, you’ll notice more traffic coming to your website. This is a simple trick to increase your search engine rankings, and allowing your location to show up on a map, locally. If you’re in a small town this task may be tackled pretty easily. If you’re in a big city, the timing it takes to see the results will be longer and depend on the quality of the reviews left.

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Happy summer!

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