Why Hire a Professional Web Designer

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3 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Web Designer is Worth Every Penny


For starters, there is an abundance of popular website development tools out there, such as; wix, squarespace, godaddy, and many more. This may lead you to wonder why you should hire a professional web designer when, theoretically, you could do it yourself.  Well, the answer is easy… you wouldn’t hire a landscaper to fix your furnace, would you? Chances are you’ll call an HVAC company to help with your problem. Same stands for building a website, if you want to represent your own business in a professional way then you’ll want a professional web designer and developer with knowledge of how to capture your target audience properly along with qualified skills.

If that doesn’t already prove why you should hire a professional to build, design, and manage your website we have three (3) important reasons here:


  1. Custom Design — Make this website yours
    When you hire a professional web designer or web agency your website will be built and  tailored to your business. Typically the web designer will evaluate your business, products, goals and work with you to make sure the website meets your needs. Whether you’re striving to create an online presence, generate online sales, create awareness or working toward the first page of google, a web developer can build you a successful, customized site that meets these needs. DIY site builders limit the capabilities of their site and often restrict graphics and text.
  2. SEO Compliance
    Much more complicated that it sounds, it may only be three letters but SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very robust term that you need to know. This feature is used by professional web designers to make your website receive great search engine (google) rankings. If you’re not found (or ranking) on the top pages of a search engine, then no one will know you’re there. If search engines can’t find your site, how will your clients, or potential clients find you? You need a professional designer to optimize your site and equip you with the tools for continued success.
  3. New Technologies
    The internet is a continually changing beast. We’re seeing new technologies regularly, new codes and new ways to bring visitors into your site. When using a professional web designer you can be assured that your site is being created with the latest technologies and being built to suit the latest trends, for optimal success. Many DIY site building tools will not allow you built in video, and likely you the DIYer doesn’t know how to code that. There are other key limitations to the DIY site build that will be a large disadvantage to your web success.

In the end, spending the money for a professional web developer and designer will be well worth every penny you spend. Not only will your site be set up for success, but you’ll also be saving YOUR time and headaches.
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