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Webmaster Tools

In a previous article, we briefly discussed Webmaster tools. Today, I want to show you what they actually are.

webmaster tools googleWebmaster tools are a service offered by Google that enable website administrators to improve their site(s) through various tools. Google Webmaster Tools essentially make website maintenance and improvement user-friendly and simple. It is best to think of it as a dedicated little person working around the clock to make sure your website is functioning at the highest level it can. As a webmaster, you gain plenty of benefits through it, including three crucial tools to help your website and your business run as efficiently as possible. And the best part? It’s FREE.


1. Help with site optimization in order for Google to better search for it.

Since Webmaster tools are provided by Google, it seems obvious that they would try to make your website as Google-friendly as possible. This is extremely beneficial, since Google is the most used search engine in the world. The tools find any problems with keyword usage or other related search errors and alert you about them via email. Through the tools, you can optimize and improve your website’s search relevance based on Google recommendations.

2. Help with the general “running” of your website.

Webmaster tools work around the clock to find any problems with the coding of your website such as a faulty link or incorrect/difficult to read page coding. Again, through email, webmaster tools will notify you of the problems as soon as they are discovered. From there, you are shown exactly where and what the problem is. The recommendations for repair that follow will be based on what changes the website needs in order to work more smoothly and efficiently, while taking into consideration the things that can be done to improve the ease at which Google can search for the website.

3. Analysis of search traffic.

This is the coolest aspect in my opinion. Logging on to your webmaster page, you can see a map of the world with little spots on it showing you where people are that are using your website at that time. You can literally log on and see how many people are using your website and where they are at any given time. In addition to this awesome feature, webmaster tools can analyze and tell you how people are finding your website, be it through a search engine, following an ad, or through a social media page, just to name a few. Knowing this can help you increase traffic to your website. If, for example, most people are finding your website through your Facebook page, this can tell you that you should either reach a broader audience on Facebook or pay more attention to any other ways people find your website, such as advertisements or higher search relevance.

Webmaster tools give users the ability to analyze and improve their websites in an easily understandable manner. By alerting users of any problems and showing them what is working for their website, these tools enable users to improve their sites easily and dramatically.

By: Alec England, columnist, The Site Vamp


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