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How Business Owners Can Achieve Similar Success

The 2016 election season is in full swing. Debates and political figures of all sorts are taking over the news, while your friends on Facebook try to convert you and your political leanings to their own. It’s a wonderful time.

But while your friends might be doing most of the talking on social media, the main figureheads have begun (finally) to do the same. Twitter, knowing the amount of influence they have on the world of social media, has taken advantage of this trend by issuing an actual handbook to politicians that teaches them how to use Twitter to advance their campaigns in the most effective ways possible.

Released in 2014, The Twitter Government and Elections Handbook is a 136-page handbook that details literally every aspect of Twitter that a politician would need to know and how to use that information to their advantage. While the handbook is meant for use only by political figures, the lessons learned in it apply to building a successful business “campaign” on Twitter. Here are the five most crucial takeaways from the handbook that you can use for our business.

  1. Include Photos

Twitter is often a very text-heavy website. The fact that they are famous for their character limit highlights this. From an anthropological standpoint, our brains are more receptive to visual stimuli over textual. In other words, we like photos more than words. Use that. Twitter provides all users with the ability to accompany their tweets with a photo. In fact, photos are responded to 32% better than hashtags*.

Which is more engaging? This?


  1. Start With a Statement

Nothing shows your own personality better than your own voice. We, as working adults, are so often bombarded with the same old mellow, dry speech that we often encounter in the workplace. Breaking away from that, especially when representing your business, can be extremely beneficial. Giving potential customers the idea that your business doesn’t follow the same old humdrum like everybody else will undoubtedly draw them to you.
For example:


tweet with image

fathers day tweet
Yeah okay I already know that who got paid to write this… *Calls Dad instead of follows*

political tweek
Oh! I get it! Political affiliations aside, you have frustrations like the rest of us! *Follows*

  1. Live Tweeting

We see politicians do this all the time during the State of the Union. #SOTU. They know that the majority of American citizens are watching, so political figures piggyback onto this massive event. Given that most people watching it know the context of the Address, politicians and citizens alike are able to ask questions and make statements free of any need for context. Business owners can do the same with any major event.


“I came to watch football, and left as @BrunoMars biggest fan. #superbowl”

Mayweather v. Pacquiao?

“You can pay $100 to watch the fight at home, or pay $6.99 for a sandwich AND the fight. Your choice.”

You get the idea. Instead of having to explain what you are talking about before you say it, you can respond directly to a live event that most people already understand the context of. This establishes personality on your Twitter profile and gives your followers something to respond to.

  1. Establish Presence Offline

Though we tend to think so, we are not always scanning social media on our devices. We are shopping. Eating. Going out. Travelling. Working. Eating. Paying bills. Eating. Watching TV. All of these daily activities provide an often untapped resource to get the word out about your social media profiles. Restaurants ask you to follow them on their receipts, in their menus, sometimes even on their napkins. Utilities companies use their bills to encourage you to follow them on social media. TV networks tell you to follow them on their commercials. You can do the same. Find ways that you can get the word out about your social media reign on non-online platforms. They are all over the place. You just have to look.

  1. Give a Glimpse of “You”

The main focus of all of this is to give your business a “human” face. That “face” is yours. Being able to blur the lines between “rigid business” and “approachable human” provides users with the ability to instantly recognize the “feel” for your business. Being reclusive or vague on your Twitter account distances your business from your customers, making them more apprehensive to buy from you. Any way that you, business owner, can make your business more accessible to your customers enhances your relationship with those who already follow you, which leads to more followers down the line. Increasing followers and keeping a friendly relationship with them is the best way to make Twitter worthwhile. Other than that, you are wasting your time.

If these techniques can work for politicians, they can work for you.

– Alec England, columnist, Centerlyne

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