So, Twitter Stories Might Happen.

Alec William England | Social media marketing
 Alec England
Centerlyne Columnist

Everyone is jumping on this “stories” bandwagon. Though many social media users have embraced it, we are still not so sure. Now Twitter stories might be happening.

Twitter stories

If you haven’t read my last post, read it.

If you have read it, you would know how I feel about Instagram stories. Put simply, I think it is a boring move for Instagram. There were no innovations with their own stories feature, they simply copied Snapchat. And now Twitter is reportedly getting the ball rolling on their own stories feature.

Before I go any further, I need to air my opinion on all of these stories:

I understand that this currently seems like the best way to encourage more and more regular users on a social media site. Everyone wants to make it easier for users to document their day’s activities, and a stories feature seems like the best way to do it. My problem with it lies in the lack of creativity that so far has been shown by the social media execs looking to rival Snapchat. Snapchat’s stories feature is great. By itself, Instagram’s is too. But Instagram didn’t do anything new with it. It is a copy. And that is why I sincerely hope that Twitter does something new with theirs.

That being said, there is some hope for something interesting to come out of Twitter stories. This is mainly due to the fact that Twitter is an entirely different type of social media platform than Snapchat or Instagram. Twitter may be able to pull themselves out of the rut they have been in due to these two unique features of the platform:

1. Twitter is primarily a text-based platform.

Snapchat and Instagram feature very little text. As photo and video-based platforms, their stories features are inherently similar. But Twitter thrives on text posts with links, photos, and short videos thrown in. This gives them much more resources to pull from in terms of how their users can share their content. Being able to share text, links, photos, and videos will prove to be both interesting and useful to Twitter when formulating their own stories feature.

2. Posts on Twitter are public.

Sure, you can follow other users on Twitter. But posts that are made on Twitter are technically visible to anyone who cares to see them. Making their users’ stories public might force their users to be more discerning about the type of content they post, naturally carving out a niche in the “stories” market. In other words, what users share on their private Snapchat and Instagram stories would most likely not be what their share on their public Twitter stories. This could change the entire feeling of Twitter, helping to carve out their own niche in the social media market.

Now, these are just speculations. But they are probable given the backlash that Instagram has received over their lack of creativity. Hopefully Twitter is more careful and thoughtful in their stories feature. But all we can do at this point is wait and see.


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