How to Engage Your Followers Through “Twitter Moments”

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 Alec England
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Twitter Moments

Twitter has unleashed “Twitter Moments”, a curating tool designed to engage users and compete with the likes of Snapchat and Instagram. Here’s what you need to know about Moments, and how to use it to boost your presence on Twitter.

The development of Twitter’s “Moments” feature comes after a long period of stagnation for the social network. After years of deliberation, the company has finally unleashed what they hope will put them back into competition with Snapchat and Instagram, both of whom have successful “stories” features.

Their version of a stories feature reminds me a lot of Pinterest boards. To create a “moment”, a user first names it. From there, the user searches Twitter’s vast sea of content for content that fits that name. Usable content can come from anywhere on Twitter, and can be used by anyone on Twitter. I see it as very similar to Pinterest boards. You can either post your own content to the board or you can find other content on Pinterest to post to your board. Now, take that last sentence and replace “board” with “moment” and “Pinterest” with “Twitter”. That’s the idea.

Though on the surface it may look like Twitter is merely copying Pinterest, Moments could prove to be a huge bonus for companies on Twitter. After all, Instagram literally copied Snapchat with their stories feature, so what harm can a little bit of… inspiration… do for Twitter? I know I sound pessimistic, but the new Moments feature is pretty awesome. I just wish these people would quit bluntly taking ideas from each other and putting them on their own platforms. I wonder if every social network will eventually become identical. Anyway, read on to learn how Twitter Moments can be leveraged to increase your brand’s exposure.

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1. Increased exposure.

In it’s heyday, Twitter was a really, REALLY loud social network. With this loud, crowded atmosphere came a lot of competition to gain exposure. A tweet that could very well have been “genius” would get drowned out by millions of other users before it can gain any sort of momentum. With this new feature, it is looking like the platform could be returning to it’s loud and crowded glory days. But instead of having to tweet the same thing over and over manually, Moments enables users to take their best, most favorite tweets and re-tweet them within a Moment that they create.

In addition to that, your favorite tweets can be pinned to the top of your profile so that all of your “greatest hits” can be seen by your followers and anyone who visits your page rather than, again, being drowned out by everything else on Twitter.

2. Free content by your followers.

Whenever someone photographs themselves using a product, they usually post it to some form of social media. Accompanying the photo is often some relevant hashtags to go along with it. Brands are now able to search for content that features their products and use it in their brand Moments. I literally can’t think of a better situation for both “original tweeter” and “brand”. I see the situation going a little something like this:

User: “Those new Nikes that I posted about a while ago are being shared by Nike themselves? No way! That’s awesome! Hey, guys! Look! Nike reused my photo! Everybody should buy their stuff because they’re awesome and gave me some recognition!”

Nike (or any other brand): *Sits back knowing they have gained at least one more loyal customer and much more potential customers simply through a quick interaction*

3. Easily shareable content.

What we do at Centerlyne has a lot to do with sharing content. Most of this content is taken from our clients’ various web assets such as their website, Facebook profile, or photo sharing accounts. Never before have we used Twitter content as something to share across their other accounts. With Moments, that is now possible. Curated tweets, photos, and videos found on Twitter and compiled into a moment can be easily shared to users’ websites, Facebook profiles, and other web-based assets.

It is good to see Twitter back in the swing of things again. And the Moments feature could prove to be a solid feature among the platform’s users. With many new features that can easily be leveraged to your brand’s advantage, there is no reason not to try it.

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