Twitter Changes: They Might Save Themselves After All

Alec William England | Social media marketing
 Alec England
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Twitter Changes

After months and months of negative press about Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey and his team have come up with a few changes that, in my opinion, will save the social media service from complete obsolescence.

FINALLY. Twitter is making some changes. This comes after a seemingly endless stream of negative news articles about the social media service that basically all said it was on it’s way out. But not so fast. They have defined some changes that will be coming soon, many of which I am personally pretty excited about. I have boiled the specifics down to the main changes that will be released soon.

1. They are changing what counts as characters.

Twitter is famous for their 140-character limit. That is staying. But what counts toward your character limit is changing. Before, any external media in users’ tweets basically “cost” characters, limiting the amount of text that could accompany said media. This external media included replies, quotes, polls, images, basically anything that wasn’t typed into users’ tweet boxes. Now, external media doesn’t “cost” users any characters. But users are still limited to the 140 limit, ensuring that Twitter doesn’t become a copy of Facebook. This change is apparently meant to encourage more dialogue between users. I think it will. Links will still count toward the 140 limit, so use them sparingly.

Jack Dorsey with beard.

2. No more “@” before including another user’s handle.

Pretty self-explanatory here. This change saves those precious characters from being used up for a bunch of at-symbols. Saving characters means using them for actual dialogue. More dialogue means more active users on Twitter. More active users on Twitter means bigger audiences for companies to reach. A win-win-win situation. Yay Twitter!

Jack Dorsey with no beard.

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