How to Turn Social Media Leads Into Actual Sales

Alec William England | Social media marketing

Overcoming the distracted nature of social media has always been a struggle for businesses looking to sell to their followers, but changing your strategy may be the key to turning your numerous social media leads into actual sales.

Alec England Centerlyne Columnist

Social Media Leads, Content Marketing

Social media users are one of the hardest groups of people to sell to. Sure, we all use social media every day and we are all people who buy things every day, but the nature of social media has made it difficult for businesses to use it for sales purposes. This is primarily due to the distracted nature of it. Users do not log in to Facebook or Instagram looking to buy something. But that doesn’t mean that selling to social media users is impossible. When done correctly, the rewards of proper social media marketing can be incredible.

Even the biggest companies with the best marketing strategies on the planet have some difficulty turning their social media traffic into actual sales. Though some business owners might think that their content is to blame, there is another mistake that many of them make when attempting to get their social media followers to actually buy their products. Social media platforms are always laid out in a very simple and straight-forward manner. One news feed, a link to your own profile, suggested people to follow, and a few links to adjust your particular settings. Given this, social media users are accustomed to having simple, straightforward options. This is where most social media marketers go wrong.

When posting content to social media, it is very wise to include a link back to your website (or other sales platform) in that post. That way, your followers can read/see your content, click the link to your website, and buy your stuff. Simple, right? But all too often we see marketers including a link back to the home page of their own or a client’s website. Since social media is so simple to use, it becomes problematic when users are asked to navigate through your entire website just to find that particular product that you were promoting on their news feed. They shouldn’t have to do all that work. They weren’t on social media with the sole purpose of buying your product in the first place, so asking them to find it all over again on your website will cause them to lose interest.

This is a problem that many businesses face. Sure, your content can be on point. Your followers can be clicking that link to your home page over and over again. But it doesn’t really matter if nothing is actually sold in the end, does it?

Like I have said time and time again, keep it simple. In short, make sure that link goes directly to the page of the particular product(s) you were promoting on social media. Don’t show a cool new pair of earrings on Facebook only to have your followers realize that they now have to wade through all of the other jewelry you sell before they will find that pair of earrings. They won’t do it.

Direct linking is a good way to combat the problem of a disproportionate homepage landings-to-actual sales ratio. If your followers see something they like on social media, it is best to direct them to the exact place that they can buy that thing. But that is not to say that that is the only way to effectively sell to your followers. Every business and every client/follower base is unique. What works for Sue’s Jewelry and her followers might not work for WalMart and their followers. It is important to constantly keep tabs on what works and what doesn’t for your particular situation. But if you happen to be just getting started on social media marketing, it is best to start with direct linking.

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