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Why don’t you have a Tumblr account yet?
Tumblr is a blogging service that is geared toward the creative and artistic side of the internet. It is free to join, free to use, and is quite fun.
The layout of the website is not unlike Facebook, with a homepage showing the various posts of those that you follow. The thing that separates it from other social media sites is the fact that it is meant to be a source for sharing artistic and interesting media among users, not a place for your friends to update each menial task they do throughout the day. In other words, when your visit your homepage, you will see photos, videos, paintings, music links, and other things of interest to you instead of:
“OMG worst day ever… :(“, “Grocery run!!!”, or “[friend] updated [ten selfies]”.
The reason I mention those in the creative/artistic/travel industries is the fact that your line(s) of work produce things of interest to the Tumblr community. For example, an artist can share a photo of a recently finished painting, an architect can share the projections of a new building, a restaurant can share their new menu item, a travel agency can share photos of the exotic places they’ve been, the list goes on and on.
And it doesn’t stop there! Once you have shared something on your blog, your followers will not only see it, they have the ability to reblog your post. As you may have already guessed, the ideal situation is that you share a photo of your work, some of your followers reblog the post, some of their followers reblog it, some of their followers reblog it, and suddenly thousands of people have seen your work. Advertising.
The best part about this “reblogging” thing is that no matter who shares your post or no matter how many times, the original poster (you) is always credited with a link underneath the post itself. So, if you share a photo of the awesome burger that your restaurant came up with and it is reblogged 100 times, the thousands of people who would see the photo will all know that it was you who originally shared it. They click on the link below the photo, see your blog, maybe visit your website if you provide a link, and become a potential customer of your company.
Looking at it strictly from a marketing perspective, it is not unlike using other social media websites. The idea and process is largely the same. But Tumblr has a different community than most social media sites. Tumblr users tend to fall into the “artistic, intelligent, motivated” category of social media users. Having people like that know about you and your work can create VERY beneficial connections and situations for your business.

By: Alec England, columnist, The Site Vamp

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