Top Instagram Updates you NEED to know!

If you’ve been paying attention to Instagram you’ll know that it has been rapidly-developing new features, with really no sign of slowing down. In April Instagram released a few fun tools that you need to be aware of. Story stickers have been one of the best features that Instagram has released. Everyone is using them. If you’re not, you definitely should be. While there have been updates to the stickers and new ones released, a favorite happens to be the polling feature. These stickers are now available for Instagram Story Ads.

When creating a Story Ad you will be able to add a polling question to the image or video they’re using during the creatives portion of the process. NOTE, these are NOT sponsored posts, these are unique ads created. With the polling feature, you are able to ask questions or give the audience a choice between two selections. So, if you’re running an ad in stories make sure to take advantage of this great feature. Stories have some of the best engagement across the Instagram platform. Don’t waste the power of being able to poll if you’re using the poll feature the “Ad” is going to feel less like an ad, therefore, it invites more people in.

Stay tuned for more release notes

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