Modern Day Word-of-Mouth


word of mouth | centerlyneWe are always striving to help businesses adapt to social media. It is in our job title: we market for different brands on social media. To do this, we are always researching the latest trends and statistics on the topic. I came across one today that initially shocked me. But upon further research, I mellowed out.

According to an article I read on, only 33% of Americans follow brands on social media. At first glance, this was disheartening. 33%. Only one third of social media users. But, looking deeper into it, the picture is not so bleak. Not only is 33% still a significant chunk of social media users, the statistic only includes those who have chosen to follow brands. There is no mention of regular users who come across brand pages and advertisements daily. Needless to say, if those users were included, the statistic would most likely read, “99.9% of Americans are exposed to brand messages daily via social media”.

The article led me to another statistic that completely eased my mind. Out of the 33% who follow brands, an average 53% of those people show heightened loyalty to those brands. This basically means that if someone has followed you on any social media platform, there is an average 50% chance that their loyalty to your brand will remain.

Its a lot of numbers, I know.

But, these numbers bring up a key phenomenon in social media marketing trends. Many business owners look to social media to simply grow their customer base. While it may work wonders for this purpose, rarely have I seen any that shift their focus at any point to customer retention.

The loyalty of your customers is greatly influenced by the effort you put toward keeping them around. This might seem obvious, but with so much focus being put on more this and more that these days, it often goes unchecked.

My advice? Take the time to retain your audience.

If your focus remains on constantly reaching out and acquiring new followers you may distance your brand from the people who would otherwise remain loyal. In addition, there is often no better marketing strategy than word-of-mouth and social media is a brilliant way to utilize your voice. Keeping those who already follow you engaged ensures your brand’s growth on social media through modern day word-of-mouth between your followers and their friends.

By: Alec England, Columnist, Centerlyne

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