Three Top Business Features on Snapchat

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Alec William England | Social media marketing

Alec England Centerlyne Columnist

Snapchat provides users with everything you need to reach a large audience in a short amount of time. For those that still don’t use it, it’s time to get moving.

Snapchat Ghost | social media marketingEverybody and their mother is STILL raving about Snapchat. And for good reason. The sudden flood of users and popularity to the platform has shown some promise in the eyes of business owners due to the ever-growing audience base that it is providing.

That is all well and good, but there are some distinct characteristics of Snapchat that make it worthwhile in any businesses social media campaign. From the “story” feature to the time constraint on content, Snapchat may just be your next social media “go-to”.

1. Your Story

Most people should be extremely familiar with Snapchat Stories at this point. But for those that are still afraid of Snapchat and have never used it, let me give you a brief explanation of how they work: Normally, users send either photos or videos to their friends and followers with a specified time constraint (1-10 seconds) that they can be viewed. Those followers then open up the photo or video, view it for the specified time, and it is gone forever. Unless they pay a fee to view it again.

The Story is not so unlike this. Users make content and post it to their story to be viewed for a specified amount of time. Only when content is posted to someone’s story, it is broadcasted to all of their followers and can be viewed for 24 hours from the time of the post.

The content broadcast is the most important feature of the Story. Once a business accumulates a solid following base (it’s not that hard, read How to Build Your Snapchat Following for more information), anything you post can be seen by them for 24 hours.

While some might think that this is not unlike Instagram or Vine, the difference is actually huge. For one thing, there have not been any algorithms placed on the story feature that force a particular organization of content. Content is organized chronologically. In other words, at the point of this writing, you do not have to compete with bigger businesses and brands to gain exposure.

2. The Time Constraint

It took people a while to get used to the 10-second limit on Snapchat video. Business owners often feel the need to explain and promote ad nauseum. Social media followers don’t want that. They want to know exactly who you are. Basically, what do you offer, and why is it better than your competitors. The time constraint actually helps businesses to simply get to the point. This is hard, I know. Trust me, my YouTube videos are edited down like crazy to make them less than two minutes. I can explain and promote ad nauseum. Sometimes, we need a little help getting to the point. And the time constraint does that for us.

3. Videos Can Be Saved

Snapchat-savvy business owners mainly use this feature for YouTube publishing. Posting on Snapchat puts you in touch with your followers there. It is quick and easy to post, and it is quick and easy for users to see what you have to share. But what if you had an awesome idea or promotion that your followers want to see again? You don’t have to deny them what they want because of the 24-hour life of your post. Save it and put it up on YouTube. Better yet, save all of your Snapchat videos and compile them into one and then put it on YouTube. Your followers will thank you.

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