The Days of Cheap, Obnoxious Ads May Be Over

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Marketing Flash Ads

We have all seen these. People dancing next to words. The words often claim to be a gateway to the newest money saving trend, such as, “Obama offers FREE homeowners mortgage repayment FREE CLICK NOW speeding ticket law in your state you won’t believe insurance belly fat never eat these foods refinance cash back on credit card FREE FREE FREE CLICK HERE”. I know that is a bit of a stretch compared to what these ads actually claim, but it often feels like I am being screamed at repetitively by these silhouettes and dancing moms.

But the days of cheap, ridiculous ads may soon be behind us. We have long seen and used ad blockers to eliminate these types of irrelevant advertisements. These can only get us so far, since the developers behind these ads often find a way around them. But on September 1st, Google started blocking these types of ads on their Chrome browser.

The main thing that these ads have in common is that they all use Adobe Flash software to animate their cowboys and moms and businessmen and whatever. Google is taking the initiative by blocking any ads that appear to use Adobe Flash. Cool, right?

On the Apple side of things, they are taking a different approach to achieve the same end. Instead of outright blocking these ads, Apple will very soon release a new mobile software that allows for the downloading of apps that block the same types of ads.

While our job is to advertise and promote businesses online, I like to think that we have a little more integrity than our cheap Adobe Flash friends. First of all, the links that we provide do not lead to virus after virus on your computer. Also, we advertise relevant content to internet users. I, for one, am not an overweight mom who needs to refinance her home while using the latest traffic law to lower my insurance premiums. So, why do I have to see ads like that?

The days of cheap, obnoxious ads taking down the integrity and “cleanliness” of well-known websites look to be over. For a while. This is a major hurdle to clear for these advertisers, but they always find a way. Until then, all we can do is produce the best quality, most relevant content that we can. Though some may view these new advertising restrictions as a negative thing, I humbly disagree. I like to think of it as “trimming the fat” of the online marketing world by forcing companies to use discretion as to where, what, how, and when they advertise.

By: Alec England, Columnist, Centerlyne

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