The ABC’s of Social Tagging

We’re taking a step back to the ABC’s, per your request!

That said, we’re starting with the ABC’s of tagging on social media. Tagging comes in various forms; the infamous hashtag, the at sign (@), and the direct photo tag. Do you know the differences of each and the importance that each tag plays when it comes to marketing? All tags are distinctive and should be used!  

Using Hashtags

A hashtag is made by prefacing words or phrases with the pound sign (#). You cannot put spaces in your hashtags. Hashtags are used essentially as labels on social media (primarily instagram and twitter) platforms to group images together, this makes it much easier to find information on these primary platforms with specific content.

Hashtagging gives your posts more exposure, because posts become searchable. When you hashtag a post, that post is added to the group with all the other posts that have been hashtagged with the same words. For example, if you post a photo and use #flashbackfriday, that photo post will be grouped with all the other posts from around the world that have used the same hashtag, #flashbackfriday.

To hashtag, you use the pound sign (#) and type words or phrases that relate to your post/photo. You can’t use spaces or symbols when hashtagging. It is more beneficial to use popular hashtags than it is to use unique ones, unless branding a business. Businesses use hashtags to encourage their followers to tag #BUSINESSNAME, this also gets the business more exposure.

Use of Tagging

Tagging, different from hashtagging, is when you use a social handle (@name) or username of a person or business in the caption of your post or photo. When you tag (@) in a post or photo, you are identifying a person, or business, and essentially “linking” / showing them in your post.

To tag, simply type the at symbol (@) and the start of a person’s or business’s profile name. The name theoretically should pop up as an option. If the name does not pop up, make sure you type out the complete username correctly after the @ symbol.

Photo Tagging

The last popular method of tagging, photo tagging. To photo tag you either click on the image, when you’re getting ready to post, or once posted you select “tag photo” option. This allows you to tag individuals, businesses, influencers, etc and simply notifies them that they’ve been tagged.

Using the photo tag allows for the tagged photo to be easily seen by other users that follow the tagged business or person! This method of tagging is preferred if you’re wanting that posts to be found easily in the future.

Best Method For Each Platform:


Photo tag or tag via at symbol (@). Both are highly effective ways of tagging on facebook and are the preferred methods.


Tag via hashtag (#) and photo tagging. Hashtags are easy to follow and keep track of, and photo tagging allows that person or business to find the tagged posts into the future. Tagging via at symbol (@) on instagram is easily lost and will result in a business or individual not seeing the post, especially if they have a popular account. 


Tag via hashtag (#) or at symbol (@). Both of these tagging methods on twitter are effective and easily traceable by the tagee.

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