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Quick Tips to Marry SEO & Social Media

By | Social Media
When used correctly, social media can add a real boost to your SEO efforts. Here are a couple of hot tips for marrying social content and SEO: Optimize your posts and profiles. Social media platforms are search engines themselves. So create your posts keeping both the user and SEO in...
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Hashtag #, or is it #Hashtag?

By | Hashtag
When hashtags (#) first appeared, we thought they’d just be a trend. Instead, they’ve proven to be one of the most powerful tools of the social media age. As you probably know, a hashtag is text immediately preceded by a pound sign (#centerlyne) that turns a word or phrase into...
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Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

By | Email Marketing
Make Your Campaigns Personal, STAT Are you writing automated email campaigns? Are you tailoring the message to your audience? Are you making your message personal? Here are some of our favorite tips for creating effective email blasts. First things first: Take the time to know who you’re talking to. Think...
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Google SEO

Quality Content is the Key to SEO

By | SEO
In early March 2017, Google released an update to its ranking algorithm. The update, known as “Fred,” has made a noticeable splash in the web design and content marketing world. It appears that the new algorithm puts an increased emphasis on high-quality content and backlinks. Many websites took a hit...
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