Effective marketing on social media is not a set formula. However, there are some key rules to follow in order to remain relevant among your social media followers for a long time to come.

Alec England, Centerlyne Columnist

Selective language, Influence on social media

1. Pay attention.

I am not the first to say this, and I won’t be the last. We live in complex, ever-changing times. The very nature of social media is complex and ever-changing. Speaking as someone who works with it, the second that we think we have it figured out, everything changes. Trends have changed. Aesthetics have changed. Topics, influencers, even entire platforms have changed. This forces us and all business owners who use social media to change with it. Ignoring what is going on today could lead to a loss of interest in your entire social media presence and influence.

2. Speak their language.

Because I am writing as a blogger and social media manager, I can speak in a “marketers language” to you, the business owner/manager/entrepreneur. This kind of language does not work well between business owner and customer. I’ll admit, some of what I write is dry. But it is because we are mutually in this kind of world in our work. My purpose is to write about marketing techniques, analytics, and news so that you can stay up-to-date on how to have a voice in the crowded world of social media (Remember what I said about paying attention? Just read my articles!) This tone and language will absolutely drive the average customer away. Stay away from “marketing language” when posting, conversing, or responding on social media. They are not interested in that stuff. Talk to them in their language and engage them in ways that keep them interested, keep them coming back, and most importantly, in ways that they can understand and be influenced by.

3. Be discreet.

No one gets on Facebook or Instagram to buy things. It is often out of some kind of down time in their day that most people check their phones and computers and browse through their social media profiles (people must have a lot of down time…). It is (y)our job to approach them in ways that don’t explicitly tell them to buy, buy, buy. I have seen too many instances on my Instagram feeds (heybud_letsparty and centerlyne_, for those that care) where a company that I follow says almost nothing about the product they are promoting except “[product] is for sale, buy now”. What is this product? Why should I buy it from you? Why do I even want it? The purpose of marketing is to drive sales, yes, but customers don’t need to be reminded to buy something. If they want it, they will get it. The trick is to get them to want it. And on social media, the trick is to offer just enough interesting information in order to get them to want to know more in order to get them to want it. Don’t sell. Intrigue.

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