Social Media – It’s A Lot To Take In

SEO company in Idaho | Website management in Sun Valley, IdahoSometimes when I think about all the social media sites out there, and all their capabilities as far as analytics, competitive rating, followers, likes, updates, icons, graphs, mobile device vs. desk top, behaviors, demographics, ETC., ETC., ETC…. I get just a wee bit overwhelmed ūüôā

Don’t you?

It seems as if as soon as I feel like I am in a rhythm, like I’ve got things handled and all the sites I monitor are updated regularly and efficiently, thats when the rug is pulled out from under my feet. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I kinda like the rug being pulled out from under my feet, it keeps me on my toes, keeps me learning and continually solving problems (which is something I enjoy). ¬†But WOW, it can certainly be a lot to take in at times.

I think for me, it’s important to remember that no matter what, I can’t possibly know everything about social media. ¬†I can’t possibly keep up with each social media site and the changes their programers make each day. ¬†I simply have to know that I am capable of learning the changes and implementing the relevant ones.

Right now, I am in the process of implementing some Google+ features (I have been working with Google+ since it began, but there is always something new), which is quite honestly a lot of fun.  Google is great at explaining the process in which they recommend we use their product and truly wants all of us to understand what they provide.

But I do have to admit that while I’m learning something new and I start to read and click to learn more, then click to see an example, then click to learn more, then click to view the video, then click to learn more, then click to learn more, then click to learn more…… my head starts to spin off, and I have to back up in order to focus on the original reason I started the process in the first place. ¬†But it’s okay, because during all my “clicks to learn more” and my travels down paths I maybe didn’t mean to travel down, I have learned more than I originally set out to learn. ¬†And thats a great thing!

So, even though social media can be a lot to take in and quite overwhelming at times, I am thankful for the ever changing platform that social media sites offer.  They provide me with the opportunity to continual learn more.

What are your thoughts on social media and all the various platforms we have at our fingertips?

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