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Social Media Simplicity | the site vampBy now you might have heard all you can handle about social media and its growth as a legitimate and effective marketing tool. Usually, when we think of “growth” or “progression” we often associate it with actually growing larger or more complex. Sure, “growth” in this context can mean growth in size, but the “size” part of it all only involves the growing number of worldwide users of these social media sites. Because of this, it might make more sense to discuss the progression of social media.

Just like almost everything in the world, social media changes and progresses with current trends. However, unlike many businesses and establishments in the past, the interesting part about social media is that it has not evolved into something too complex and difficult to use or understand. It has actually done the opposite.

Our culture today is largely influenced by convenience. Why else would we have fast food drive-thru’s, at-home delivery, or downloadable music? Looking at it as a whole, the progression of social media has followed this idea. Facebook is somewhat the all-encompassing platform to share information- write over 60,000 characters, put a picture or video with it, provide a link to another page, share it with your friends. Similar sites have since provided simpler methods of sharing. On Twitter, users are only allowed 140 characters to get their point across. On Instagram, users only share a photo or short video with a comment. The use of the “hashtag” has provided an even simpler way of description.

#soeasy #ilovethesitevamp #alecengland #socialmedia #etc #literallyanythingyoucanthinkof #….

As 2014 progresses, simplicity will become a dominant force in social media use and marketing. Because of this, it is important for you, business owner, to embrace and adopt a sense of simplicity when sharing news about your business. In a previous post I had described the importance of sharing text (for search engine interest) along with images or videos (for human interest). This is still true, but keeping it short and sweet is crucial in order to get an interested customer to actually read and fully process the newest story about your business.

I know of no one who goes on Facebook to read a novel. Checking a news feed often involves nothing more than skimming over everything, glancing at pictures, and occasionally following a link to another page. So why put any more effort into an update than your audience is willing to receive? Being too complicated or wordy only drives an audience away. So, in conclusion, and for simplicity’s sake,


By: Alec England, columnist, The Site Vamp


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