Social Media Application in the Real World

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 Alec England
Centerlyne Columnist

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Social Media Application

The benefits of social media marketing can be felt through many professional disciplines. Whether you are using social media for sales, event promotions, or personal branding, the rules remain the same for those who use social media.

In addition to writing for Socialyfe, I work at a bar/restaurant/concert venue in Portland, OR. Recently, a band came into town that I had never heard of. They had just released an album, and this show was to be their album release party. This band was accompanied by three opening acts, two of which my coworkers had apparently heard of. Given the strong music scene in Portland, I was expecting and preparing for a full house of loyal fans, at least for the two local bands that were opening. Long story short, about ten people showed up. What was expected to be a packed rock show turned out to be reminiscent of a coffee shop open mic night, which was unfortunate because all four acts that night were incredibly talented. This got me thinking. Do they use social media to promote their shows?

Given the fact that the crowd was so small, my coworkers and I had time to talk throughout the night. We were both amazed at how small the crowd was and how awkward the show became as a result. We discussed how they could have done better. I suggested that they boost their posts in order to get the word out about their shows. My coworker agreed, adding that she was surprised to find that most bands that she comes in contact with have never even thought about leveraging social media to their advantage.

Now, as a writer on this kind of stuff, that would have been the first avenue I would have taken. Instead of relying solely on poster distribution in an already poster-laden city, I would have taken to Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Even Snapchat. It is cheaper and MUCH quicker to promote events like these on social media. Though I am discussing ways to use social media for event promotion, the examples listed below are universal. They can be applied to any discipline:

1. Boosting and Targeting (Facebook):

Facebook enables pages, not individual users, to boost their posts to a targeted audience. Basically, the more you can spend, the more people will see your posts based on where they live. Going further on this touring band example, a band page can let their existing audience know that they are going to be in a certain town at a certain time for free. But, to promote the show and gain a larger audience, they can boost that post to Facebook users living in that town that don’t follow them, but have shown interest in similar bands, styles, and pages.

2. Linking accounts

Posting the same message to different social media platforms can be time-consuming. Not to mention, tedious. Social media users can link their accounts in order to automatically share a post across their entire social media presence, gaining more exposure.

3. Going Live

Other social media analysts have said that 2017 will be the year of live video. Snapchat, Instagram, and now Facebook all offer live video to their users. Going live lets other users know what you are up to in real time. Touring bands can share updates on their road trip to the next show in order to excite and remind other users in that area to show up. In addition, viewing live video gives users a feeling of exclusivity. As if they are in the van or helping set up the stage. Bringing social media users closer to your band, business, or event encourages them to further participate in what they see, prompting them to buy tickets and show up to the event.

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