Social Media in 2018: The Changes Every User Should Know

By February 14, 2018 March 5th, 2018 Social Media

It’s no secret that in today’s heavily connected, instant gratification world, your brand or business’s presence on social media is an absolute must.

Not only is it an important to tool to communicate with current customers and followers about your business, but it’s a great channel to attract new brand advocates and customers while simultaneously building brand awareness.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, these social media platforms are consistently changing and finding new ways to serve better content to its users. This means these platforms are regularly changing their algorithms, which is the proprietary formula these social media channels use to decide what content to serve based on the amount of engagement each piece of content is seeing.

Content is King for Higher Engagement

You may have noticed that social media engagement across all platforms has gone down significantly. There are a number of reasons we’re seeing this, but the most important reason is that social media channels are keen on delivering content people want to see and are engaging with. This means, the better your content, the higher engagement it will see, which tells Facebook, for example, that this is good, quality content that people like and the platform in turn increases the viral reach of each post.

Gone are the days of simply writing a post and hoping your friends and fans will respond. Social media is looking for brands to create better quality content that is engaging and “shareable.”



2018 is the Year of Video

You Tube / The Site Vamp

People’s attention spans are shorter than ever today, which is why quality content is so important. There’s also a shift happening on these social platforms where we’re seeing more favor being given to video content than ever before. These video don’t have to be long-format, professionally made, branded videos, as nice as those are; a simple GIF, boomerang shot, or a 10-second in-the-moment video of an event, a team-building activity, use of your product, etc. Creativity is everything here! It doesn’t have to be professionally made as long as it’s visually appealing and engaging your customers.


Developing In-the-Moment Content

Remember how we said this is the year of video? Well, a close second is the development of in-the-moment content with Facebook and Instagram stories and the platforms’ live feeds. Ever since the introduction of Instagram Stories in 2016, users are wanting and expecting more live and in-the-moment content than ever before. Not only that, the more you use the shiny, new updates these platforms develop, the better reach your content is going to see. These platforms want you to use the updates and new features, and will reward you for doing so by boosting the reach of your content.  

Incorporating more organic and spontaneous moments into your brand or business’s social media channels, give users an inside peek for what you stand for, ultimately continuing to build brand awareness. These in-the-moment photos and video can range from sneak peek photos, behind-the-scenes videos, event involvement, as well as promote new blog posts, last-minute promotions, and influencer partnerships.


Social Media Ads are Key to Increasing Community Growth

facebook users | social media platformsOrganic visibility on social media channels is declining more than ever today, as these platforms do their best to cater to the content their users want. This means, allowing for some kind of social media advertising budget can help increase your visibility and viral reach online, especially if you’re just starting to build your social media community or are driving sales of a particular product. These budgets don’t have to be big, but watching the ads closely and targeting the correct audience is key to ensure each ad has the best possible reach and click-through-rate.

Facebook, also, now lets you A/B Test ads, which means you can test what audience, copy, and visual combinations work best depending on who you’re talking to and aiming to attract.

Lasting Relationships Are Created Through Meaningful Engagement

Being that it is “social” in nature, social media is no longer a platform that can be used to simply advertise products or services. Users today, more than ever, expect high-quality customer service and expect their questions to be answered almost immediately. This means, answering questions, responding to comments, and actively responding to direct messages are all things brands and businesses can do to improve customer service online and develop a lasting relationship online as well as off.

Staying up-to-date with the rapidly changing social media scene is key when it comes to creating successful social media campaigns, building brand awareness and ultimately hitting your bottom line.

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