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The social media marketing world is blowing up about Snapchat right now. For good reason.

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By: Alec England
Centerlyne Columnist
March 2, 2016

Social media marketing figureheads have lately been all over Snapchat. Gary Vaynerchuk is all over it, articles about it are dominating, and more and more big businesses are adopting it. As a twenty-something social media user, I am extremely familiar with Snapchat. It makes sense to me that analysts like Mr. Vaynerchuk would be all about it.

But what still interests me about it is that the generation before mine (actual 90’s kids) seems to not use or care about it. There is something about these trends (Snapchat being finally talked about and 30-somethings not using it) that stand out to me.

  1. Though Snapchat’s clientele is younger, it is wise to get your brand on it.

It was odd to me when I first started to notice that other social media marketing analysts were talking about Snapchat. It occurred to me about two months ago, and Snapchat had already been around for plenty of time by then. Since the platform had only been used by individuals, it was weird to me that bigger names in this field would be encouraging businesses to send out 10-second videos to people. But after really thinking about it, it became much more clear that everyone that is already on Snapchat for their business has it figured out. They are ahead of the game.

Though I praise those businesses who are already on Snapchat, I do mention Snapchat’s “younger” clientele in a relatively negative light because, well, we are broke. Most of us are still in school and can’t really afford the things that you are discreetly advertising on Snapchat. But that doesn’t mean that we will be broke forever. By getting a hold of us now, you are ensuring that we will recognize your brand for years to come when we are no longer living off of canned vegetables and Top Ramen.

Basically, what you are doing by getting your brand on Snapchat right now is exposing it in an informal manner to millions of users who will very soon have disposable incomes (we hope) and will be able to actually buy your stuff. Corporations are already getting on it. Small business owners: I’d do the same. If Snapchat is dominating the social media news world right now, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes the new Facebook.

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2. 30-something’s prefer different advertising techniques, anyway. Every generation has problems with the generation after them.

But when it comes to what we all respond to, it is not so much of a problem. Think of it more as a “happy difference” (that’s a weird term).

People who actually grew up in the 90’s did not have cell phones. They got their information from TV. At that time, putting a commercial up was the best way to reach a huge audience of people of all ages. So naturally, the price to advertise on TV is outrageous. But Snapchat is a different story. Though 30-somethings who grew up on TV are mostly used to clear advertisements on Facebook, teens and 20-somethings are used to all kinds of social media. Snapchat being one of them.

Snapchat enables businesses to reach their audiences in a less professional manner. Corporations today constantly complain about how they can adopt a more colloquial tone with their audience without sacrificing the “professional” air that they have created for themselves. As small business owners, we can afford to be a bit more approachable than the iron giants of business. Given this, we can more effectively reach Snapchat users to get the word out about our products.

I can keep going on about this forever, but most of you are probably getting bored of reading this. To sum it up, Snapchat’s small but saturated audience is quickly becoming the best target audience for businesses of all types. Getting the word out in a friendly, approachable way ensures that those users will recognize and appreciate your brand for years and years to come.


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