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Are Keywords still relevant in SEO?

Keywords for SEO/ SEO HelpYes. But please, keep reading this interesting and informative blog!

It seems that every 2 minutes I receive a news article telling me why I should or should not focus on keywords.

Granted, Google changes their search engine algorithms as often as some people change underwear. It can be challenging to keep up!  (With the algorithms that is, not the underwear changes!)

But the truth is – Keywords are the fundamental building blocks of a search. Keywords are necessary because they are the words that trigger search engines to crawl and index your site.

But wait, isn’t content King?

 Well, yes, yes it is!

Relevant content is at the top of the SEO to-do-list in order to increase the visibility of your website.  Keyword usage in a natural and strategical manner throughout your content is one of the best ways to effectively optimize a website page or post.

And what should the content be composed of?

Keywords,Of Course!

So, we can all agree that keywords are important.

How do I use keywords to optimize my web pages?

  • Title Tag: Use the keyword in the Title Tag, at the beginning of  the title tag is best
  • Use the keywords at the or near the top of the page
  • Use keywords and/or keyword phrases in the content of the page at least 2-3 times, more if it does not compromise the integrity of the page
  • Use keywords and/or keyword phrases in the title, alt text and description for any images you put on the page
  • Use keywords and/or keyword phrases in the meta description to attract your target customer

At one time meta keywords were one of the most important aspects of SEO.  They no longer carry the weight they use to, in fact some SEO packages do not even have a designated area to input Meta Keywords.

seo keyword tool/google keyword tool

The focus has shifted to creating content rich pages with targeted keywords and keyword phrases instead of simply putting in a long list of keywords you would like to target. We now have to put our money where our mouth is, walk the walk and caress the algorithm overlords. 

How do I know what keywords to use?

Streamline your keyword focus:

  • Describe what your business does
  • What makes you stand out from others in your field
  • List other businesses or products that are similar to you but not in direct competition
  • What service or product is the most profitable for your business
  • What do you consider your top ten keywords

keyword tool/ keyword generator

Want more help with Keyword Research?  Check out these keyword tool links:

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