SEO, Inbound Marketing, Keywords, Social Media, Links

By December 27, 2011 Blog, SEO

SEO, Inbound Marketing, Keywords, Social Media, Links

ladder | the site vampDoesn’t it drive you crazy when you go to a site and notice that no one has updated it in months, sometimes even years?  You start reading the content and notice that the last time anyone took the time to update the site was in 2006.  You try some of the links, they don’t link to the right pages anymore, you might want to buy some of their product, but it’s no longer for sale.  Are you going to phone or email these people for business?  No – you are going to leave that site and find a similar one that has been updated, a site that is “open” for business.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging are literally a life or death situation for a website (and for your business)  if you don’t open the doors to your site each day, dust off the shelves, rearrange the pictures, and talk to the customers, then your site is not open for business; your site is nothing but a pretty pamphlet or a nice brochure on the internet.

What about those keywords everyone talks about, what are those?  Well, I’ll tell you, if you don’t have your keywords, keyword-tails, and meta descriptions set up properly then no one will know you exist.  Your site needs to be social, your site needs to have the titles set up correctly, & the alt text labeled correctly so search engines can index the pages and put your site on the first page of the search engines.

If your goal is to drive business to your site each day, and not just any business but quality business, then you need to be social.  You have to blog at least once per week, add new pictures to your site and say hello to your customers, arrange your pages in such a way that search engines can index them easily.   If you do this you will climb that search engine ladder, you will gain some quality inbound marketing, you will be successful.

Now I realize that most of you have a business to run, you work day and night to keep that business viable, you simply don’t have time to run your website.  So how do you keep your website open, how do you make your website as viable as your physical business?  Easy, you hire The Site Vamp, we will blog for you, add pictures, update all social media, rearrange pages (if needed), splash your advertisements all over the internet, check your keywords and add or remove some if they are too noisy. 

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