Quick Tips to Marry SEO & Social Media

By September 14, 2017 January 21st, 2018 Social Media

When used correctly, social media can add a real boost to your SEO efforts.

Here are a couple of hot tips for marrying social content and SEO:

  • Optimize your posts and profiles.
    • Social media platforms are search engines themselves. So create your posts keeping both the user and SEO in mind. Optimize your social profiles (bio’s, “about” sections, headers, etc.) using the same approach.
  • Leverage hashtags the right way.
    • Be sure to leverage hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. On those platforms, hashtags are the search method people use to find the content they’re looking for. Be sure to research the best practice for hashtags on each social platform to understand if, when, and how to use them. in addition, make sure you understand what hashtags actually mean, so you can use them appropriately on each platform.
  • Draft optimized social messages when creating content.
    • Any content you create for your website or blog should have an SEO component. As you’re creating new content, write several optimized social posts to go along with it. This will help you create relevant and top-of-mind messages that can be found in native searches.
  • Use mentions and tags to build relevance.
    • One of the best ways to strengthen your posts is by mentioning and tagging other pages, locations, and users. Not only will those you tag and mention be notified when you’ve done so, but they’ll be more compelled to engage with your post or share it with their audience.

The next time you start writing a post, keep the above pointers in mind. When you tailor the post to both your audience and SEO, you’ll see those efforts pay off big time!

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