Pinterest’s Success with Buyable Pins

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Pinterest Buyable Pins

Pinterest 2015 | Centerlyne | Web DesignIt seems that Pinterest has been in hibernation for the last few months. As far as notable changes and advancements in the site go, not a lot has been coming from them lately. But recently, we have been seeing a definite change in that trend. And that can be attributed to one major change they have made: Buyable Pins.

Buyable pins themselves are not much of a new thing. The service was launched about three months ago. Not to be mistaken with “promoted pins”, buyable pins function along the same lines as the regular “pin it” button. If your company posts merchandise that you would like to sell, you can easily include the “Buy It” on the photo that you post, next to the automatic “pin it” button. It’s sort of like a blue price tag. When a customer clicks the button, the transaction is handled through Shopify, and Pinterest takes a cut.

While this feature costs some money to employ, the results so far seem to make the cost well worth it. A handful of businesses, mostly in the physical goods realm, have seen tremendous increases in sales and customer bases. While this could be because of the established popularity of Pinterest, I feel that it mostly comes down to convenience. Instead of looking all over the internet for a specific brand or product, Pinterest has created a centralized marketplace where one hundred million users can shop from with a simple press of a button. And it is one hundred million users. I checked.*

Unfortunately, businesses such as Centerlyne will not have the easiest time utilizing this new tool simply because we do not offer tangible goods. The average Pinterest user logs on to Pinterest to look at (among other things) recipes, nature, workout motivation, and stuff. Physical stuff. Knowing this, I recommend the service to those who make and sell tangible goods that are non-perishable. Don’t sell your eggs or your organic produce. Go for your t-shirts and cool leather handbags. You can maybe get away with your coffee beans.

So far, Pinterest has been keeping buyable pins on the down-low for some reason. Whatever the reason may be, I applaud their patience. Nothing can hurt a business, especially ones that are based solely on the internet, like announcing an advancement or change that winds up being defective. Internet users do not like anything to be problematic. If we encounter that, our minds are often instantly made up to be against that company. If one service can’t get it together, there are thousands of others just like it that can step right in.

It will take a bit of time for buyable pins to become commonplace, but it won’t be long. Because of this, it wouldn’t hurt to get started soon.

– Alec England, Columnist, Centerlyne

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