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Pin Collective

Anyone who has tried to market their business on social media knows that finding good, relatable content is no easy task. But Pinterest has found a way to simplify that process: Pin Collective.

They just keep getting better. Pinterest, well-known for their incredible visual content, recently announced a new feature that could take a HUGE load off of marketers’ hands: Pin Collective. Pinterest’s goal with this new feature is to essentially ensure that brands of all sizes, disciplines, and budgets have a much simpler time advertising on Pinterest. And I think they are doing it well. With this service, Pinterest is giving marketers the tools that they need to build successful marketing campaigns on their site. And this goes beyond audience targeting and analytics. They are offering to help with the actual content that marketers are trying to produce.

With the Pin Collective, Pinterest is looking to connect businesses with their best content creators. On the surface, this might not look much different than brands that try to connect with influencers to create content. But it is important to keep in mind that by going through an influencer, brands are simply piggy-backing on someone else to promote their business to an influencer’s pre-existing followers. Actual content is often overlooked as brands rely on their particular influencer’s clout to push their products.

It basically goes like this: “Here. Take our stuff and just make sure it shows up in a few of your pictures, okay?”

This can result in a huge crash for some brands who choose to market their products through someone whose huge audience has zero interest in the brand. On the other hand, this can be detrimental for influencers if their followers quit following them due to “selling out”.

In order to avoid the mistakes that have happened over the years with brands trying to piggy-back on influencers, Pinterest has taken the time and effort to connect businesses with content creators who already create and share successful content in that business’ line of work. Instead of giving and influencer some products and some money to do with as they please, the Pin Collective connects relevant content creators with a business to ensure an ongoing and deeply collaborative process. Pinterest helps businesses to choose a content creator that fits their goals best, while businesses can choose the scope that their content creators contribute to their ads. According to Pinterest, “Pin Collective partners can provide end-to-end production for everything from Pins to videos to larger creative initiatives.”

Businesses are already raving about Pin Collective. Karl Meinhardt, VP of Social and Digital Marketing at Albertsons Companies had this to say about it:

“Partnering with [our content creator] gave us the opportunity to take a more sophisticated approach to creative. It also freed up resources on our end to focus more time on holiday planning and strategy.”

Though many marketers (including myself) like to think that we have the creative side of things figured out, the reality is that sometimes we need a little help while we figure out planning and strategy. By connecting marketers with creators who only focus on the creative side of advertising, Pin Collective has made it easier for Pinterest marketers to carry out their marketing plans. Pin Collective comes as the latest addition to multiple initiatives that help businesses thrive on Pinterest, no matter how big or small they may be.

Pinterest Business team- If you’re reading this, I just want to say “good job.” You go, Pinterest.

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