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Personal branding

We talk a lot about how important it is to get some brand recognition on social media for your company. But what about brand recognition for you?

Personal branding can be the difference between weak and strong social media presence for your company. As consumer preferences and trends shift, so to must our branding strategies. Business owners small and large all agree that when considering buying pretty much anything, consumers have shifted from focusing on what they are buying to why they are buying it from that specific company. Makes sense, considering how saturated most markets are as a result of the ease of launching a company online these days.

So, how do you put your company above the rest in your field? The answer may have nothing to do with your company itself. It may have everything to do with you.

Personal branding takes the ideas behind your company’s branding and applies it to you. In order to put your company above the rest, your customers want to know who is behind it. They want to know who is collecting their money. They want to know you. In order to get the word out about you, follow the steps below. Your own personal brand will surely differ from others, but here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Know your competitors, know your idols.

In order to compete with the best, you have to think like the best. Studying the posts and overall stories that your competitors share can help guide the way for your personal brand. Likewise, studying the posts of those you wish to be like can help guide the way in a slightly different direction. It helps to think of it like this: studying your competitors helps you understand what works, studying your idols helps you put your own unique twist on what works.

2. Include others.

You are most definitely the most interesting person in the world. Everybody totally thinks so. But sometimes people can get bored of the most interesting person in the world and they want to see other interesting people. Including others in your personal brand both shakes things up a bit and expands your influence beyond your followers. Collaborations, old friends, significant others, and especially pets are all good ways to let your followers know that you are a social and approachable person outside of your social media channels, leading them to feel more comfortable supporting you and your company.

3. Follow a narrative

By “narrative” I mean “story”. Random posts to social media might get a few reactions, but most will wonder what is going on with you and your brand. If your content is sporadic (say, one week you share news about an upcoming children’s clothing collaboration and the next you post about world politics), your followers will become confused. This confusion leads to decreasing follower numbers not because they can’t understand your content at face value, but because it makes you seem distant. Your followers want to know what’s up with you, and they want to feel like they know your story and how you came to be who you are. That’s why they follow you. So, give them what they want. Keep your posts relevant, and make them build off one another. Giving your followers some kind of story to follow will drive interest in your brand, encouraging your followers to share your content with their friends.

4. Be patient.

A strong personal brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience and constant adaptation to market and social trends. Keep at it, and over time you will have built a content empire in your own field.

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