Periscope. Get on it.

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Alec England Centerlyne Web Design

Periscope. Get on it.

By: Alec England
Centerlyne Columnist

Guys. Listen. Well, actually read.

A little while back I came across this new app called “Periscope”. I have heard some people talking about it and how it’s going to be “monumental” and whatever else and honestly, I think it might actually be. It just needs time.

Periscope is a live video streaming app that enables users to “discover the world through someone else’s eyes”. Users can either stream their own live video or watch other live streams from other users all over the world. Simply pick a country and see what’s going on over there right now.

At the moment, it appears that their users are predominantly in the 16-25 age range. Most of the content that is being streamed across the world is, well, average (think “people hanging out with their friends” or “vacationers watching a sunrise”). Up to this point, I haven’t really come across anything especially awesome. But don’t let that deter you. I haven’t seen anything noteworthy happening on it yet because Periscope is still in its infancy. It’ll soon get its core demographics and general “feel”. And this is why I feel the need to write a little something about it.

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It is an amazing app that hasn’t yet fully matured. Meaning there is plenty of space for business owners to step in and establish themselves on it. Granted, the audience is huge so building a solid “following” will take quite a bit of time and effort. But being able to reach a global audience in a live setting has never been so easy. While users are able to actually follow other users, anyone can see what anyone else is broadcasting at any time, regardless of whether or not you may be actually following them. This means that anyone with a smartphone at any time in any place in the world can see what you broadcast on Periscope.

So, what kind of content might work best for Periscope users? At this point, it is difficult to say. Other niche social media platforms have been around long enough to get their own aesthetic. For example, selfies do better on Facebook and Instagram than they do on Tumblr or Pinterest. Resumes and accomplishments do better on Linkedin than they do on Facebook or Instagram. Or Tumblr. Or Pinterest.

Since Periscope does not have a solid aesthetic to it yet, it is not easy to say what the ideal content would be to share on it. But that doesn’t mean that business owners should wait around to find out. Because once it has it’s own “feel”, it is likely too late. Other businesses and corporations have jumped on and taken up most of the influence on the platform. It is my suggestion that business owners both large and small take advantage of this platform asap. Even if nothing comes of it, at least it doesn’t cost any money to use.

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