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tumblr-the-site-vampWhile people don’t often associate Tumblr with business, the two actually have the potential to match up really well. Though it is not as popular as, say, Twitter or Google+ in terms of numbers, the statistics of Tumblr show strong potential for effective advertising. According to Digital Market Ramblings, Tumblr consists of 214.3 million blogs with an average of 120,000 daily signups. Pretty encouraging, right? On the other side, it might discourage some knowing that those users contribute 80 million posts per day. Some may see it as rough competition for exposure and a reason not to embark on a campaign with them. But the very fact that Tumblr is such a busy website is the reason why investing in advertising with them puts you ahead of everyone else.

Every Tumblr user has a “dashboard”, which is essentially a Tumblr news feed. All of the blogs that a user is following posts content, which is automatically shown on their followers’ dashboards. Visiting Tumblr’s business page, it becomes very clear that Tumblr knows what they are doing. They provide various ad products for their users, all charged on a Cost Per Engagement basis. The most popular among these are the “Sponsored Posts”, which look just like any regular blog post, only they are promoted to more users based on location, gender, interests, and other things.

Along with the basic “sponsored post” services, users have an array of options to choose from. In a previous article, I had discussed how advertising with Adwords on Google+ gives you the opportunity to have your ad shown anywhere on the internet, with a fee. On Tumblr, you have the opportunity to have your sponsored post showcased on Yahoo! as an advertisement.

Other services include the usual- analytics, marketing blogs, case studies, and the like, but the previously mentioned services are what I feel separates Tumblr from other social media sites in terms of advertising.

So, is it worth it? Considering the numerous success stories of both small businesses and large corporations who have marketed through Tumblr, I would say definitely. Unlike the approaches that I have seen in other social media sites, Tumblr offers numerous services and advantages that just can’t go unnoticed. Their marketing team seems to have a solid plan for any business that might use their services, which is apparent by their requirement that you and one of their brand strategists work together to outline a plan before deciding which action to take. In addition, the Cost Per Engagement payment structure is highly advantageous. Other sites such as Google+ use CPE as a primary payment structure, but any social media site that offers CPE payments automatically gain my interest and approval.

Lastly, the audience of Tumblr can only work to your advantage. Tumblr users, unlike Facebook or Instagram users, follow only the blogs that interest them personally. Friends or outside influences have little to do with who they follow or ignore. Given this, those who view your advertisements and your blog are exponentially more likely to engage with your business simply because they are genuinely and personally interested in what you have to offer. I could go on for much longer about the advantages of advertising on Tumblr, but I think it would be best if you found those for yourself.

By: Alec England, Columnist, The Site Vamp

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