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Google+ Advertisement

google+ advertisement | the site vampAdvertising on Google+ is essentially advertising with AdWords. I had written an article about a year ago on what Google AdWords is, but for the sake of convenience, I will outline it again with how it applies to Google+.

AdWords, on the “search engine” side of things, works to put a link to your webpage on the top of Google search results. You, the admin of your webpage, make ads using keywords or phrases that relate to your business. For example, “Downtown Sports Rentals” located in Smalltown, USA wants to advertise with AdWords. In order to use it correctly, they would give Google their most relevant keywords and phrases, such as “mountain bike”, “smalltown”, “rafting”, or “sports rentals”. Next, whenever someone searches for these phrases on Google, a link to DSR’s webpage will show up within the top three results of that search. The user clicks their link, visits their page, uses their services, and pays them money. This option works best for a startup page backed up with ample funding.

You may have noticed that your Google+ homepage does not have any sidebar ads on it. Usually, the advertisements look like regular posts made by a user or company. However, the cool thing about Google’s approach to social media advertising is that it does not lie strictly within Google+ itself. Your Google+ posts can go outside of the boundaries of Google+ and span across the internet. Let’s say, for example, that I am the social media coordinator for Alaska Airlines. I have just shared a post and an image on Google+ about our record low ticket prices, and I want to promote it. I can choose to display my post (ad) more frequently on Google+ users’ feeds, or I can go so far as to display my post as a sidebar advertisement on another website. For this example, putting it on a travel booking website might be best. Not only do I have that option, but I can choose to pay Google only when a visitor clicks on my ad. In addition, your ad will be tailored to work on a variety of screens- desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Pretty nice, right?

This is a very simplified explanation of what you can do with AdWords through Google+. Of course, in order to display your ad on another website then that website must accept it. This is usually done ahead of time with the acceptance of AdSense, a Google system that basically puts ads on a website and pays them a percentage per click on that ad. Rates vary, as does the return for running your ad. It is safe to say that your customer base will expand to some degree by using this method, but nothing is guaranteed. An effective ad campaign on Google+ is no different than any other ad campaign in that the content must be engaging and it is just as much (if not, more) your concern as it is Google’s. Google needs to make sure that you, along with the general internet population, are satisfied. The level of satisfaction is very much a reflection on how much time and effort you put into creating your ad and running it effectively. Do not expect to simply throw money at Google and have them do all of the work.

By: Alec England, Columnist, The Site Vamp

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