Panda and Penguin Questions and Answers

By June 27, 2013 Blog, SEO

Lately I have been getting A LOT of questions regarding the latest Google Penguin and Panda updates, so I thought I would go ahead and share this video from Matt Cutts, Google’s software engineer.

Basically, lets all remember that “Black Hat” SEO is NOT OKAY. It’s extremely important to take your time, add quality SEO to all pages, posts and pictures. Be sure to write blogs regularly with content that is relative to your brand. Don’t try to cheat by adding cookies or false inbound or outbound links.  Create social media sites relative to your brand, link them to your website and post your blogs on the social media sites.

Check your google analytics and webmaster tools regularly, see what you can improve on and take action.

Be honest, be patient, have fun!

And as always, I can help 🙂  Give me a call, or shoot me an email, I can get the ball rolling and show you how to keep the ball rolling.

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