Marketing in the Arts, Part Four

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Don’t Doubt Yourself

Though many don’t think so, art and business go hand-in-hand.



I have recently finished up a project doing social media for a theatre company. My main tasks were to keep their Twitter account up to date and make promotional videos for their upcoming shows.

I’ve learned a handful of things from this project. I am assuming quite a few of people viewing this work in the arts in one way or another, and I thought I’d share some of what I found with you. Please remember, this is what I have learned. Your experiences and insights might differ from what I am about to share.

  1. Don’t doubt yourself.

As an artist, I know that doubt and fear of not living up to expectations is one of the most crippling, evil feelings we can have. If you let it take over, you will produce nothing. All of your great ideas will forever be locked up in your head. You can’t let that happen. Share what you have to share. Odds are, in the vast ocean of social media, someone will like your work. So don’t concern yourself with the idea that some might not like it. Odds are, some people won’t like it. That is the nature of art. But it is not that big of a deal if people don’t like it. If I don’t like something, be it a song or a video or whatever, I keep scrolling. Unless you are on YouTube, it is very rare that your viewers are going to take the time to rip you apart over something you have created. So just put it out there. Art is meant to be shared. So share it.

Thank you for watching! Feel free to comment below with your questions or ideas on marketing in the arts. Until next time, see yo-CENTERLYNE TV IS WHERE IT’S AT.

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