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LinkedIn AdvertisementYou wouldn’t send in an incomplete resume to an employer. You would never put a picture of that funny thing you did at that party on your business card. You wouldn’t dream of telling an employer that you are an inexperienced, nameless, faceless, ageless, ambitionless grey cutout of a person, right? Okay, maybe I am getting a bit too specific. But what I am trying to illustrate here is that while no one in their right mind would ever do these things when looking for a job, they often do these things with their LinkedIn profiles.

Some may think that nothing can replace face-to-face interviews. This may be true, but they often forget that more and more employers are in fact turning to social media in order to gather information about potential employees before the first interview. Times are changing, and keeping up to date on your LinkedIn profile is getting more and more crucial to your career’s success by the day.

It may seem obvious what you need to do in order to keep your profile up to date- fill in the blanks and update whatever professional things you have done. But there are two key things that make success via LinkedIn much more likely.

1. Attention to Keywords

Be precise with this. LinkedIn gives you the ability to include a summary on your profile. Don’t fill it up with “I am a graduate of [college] with a degree in [major]. I am proficient at SEO and social media marketing. Recently, I have been learning to code alongside starting my own snack foods business, Krakerz Deelux. Look me up at my website or give me a call at [number] if you are interested in working with me!”

NO. First off, the tone that comes with “I am” and “I have been” is very unprofessional. Second, potential employers do not care and do not have the time to read through your essay of information. Get to the point. “[Name], [school], [degree], [location]. SEO, social media marketing, HTML and WordPress, entrepreneur, Youtuber, blogger, marketing consultant”, etc. Doing your summary this way not only makes it easier for employers to understand what you have to offer, but it also makes it easier for search engines to index your profile whenever someone searches for a blogger who can write HTML and lives in a nearby area.

2. Keep your content interesting

I know this can be hard, especially when the atmosphere is very professional and straightforward. I am not telling you to post about the latest construction project you did with “There I was, hammer in hand, looking at the towering wall above me that I had just completed. I remembered my childhood and contemplated my future…”. This is mostly about “click bait”. How do you make someone want to click the link read more about that project you did? Make the headline interesting. Don’t title the post with something like “Recent Project” or “Finished House”. What you decide to put in your headlines is up to you, but I personally would go with something like “Splinters and Smiles: Making a House a Home”. Give it something that shows that you are enthusiastic about your work. That you are proud of it. No one wants to work with someone that hates what they do.

By: Alec England, Columnist, The Site Vamp

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