Is Facebook Starting to Falter?

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FacebookTimes are changing. They have been since social media became a thing. But they might be REALLY changing now. For years, Facebook has been synonymous with social media, often being the most favored and widely used social media service in the world. While they may have their hands in multiple other social media services, Facebook itself might soon suffer a loss in usage.

Piper Jaffray, an investment bank, released a survey last Tuesday (April 14) that showed exactly this. In the survey, individuals aged 13-17 were surveyed on their opinions of the most “important” social network.

14% of them cited Facebook as the most “important”.

Compared to other networks, this puts them in third behind Instagram (#1, 32%) and Twitter (#2, 24%). Compared to past surveys taken by the same firm regarding the same topic, preference for Facebook has fallen the sharpest (14%) since spring 2013.

While we are taking into account only one source on the topic, it still suggests that a big change has either already happened or could be happening very soon. In short, Instagram is climbing while Facebook is falling. While this can suggest many things, one thing keeps coming up in my mind.

Simplicity is key. Instagram is simple to use and simply displayed. Users can access it on their phones, while the content they see is limited to photos, a location, and comments. Nothing else. Facebook allows for much more. But that “much more” might be what is driving people away. It could be too much information or too many complications with using it. Like I have said time and time again: keep it simple. Keep your content simple, keep your promotions simple, keep your presence simple. No one uses social media with the intent of being bombarded with information. The more accessible and easy to understand your content is, the more users will gravitate towards your business.

By: Alec England, Columnist, Centerlyne

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