Instagram Updates Part Three

By January 18, 2019 January 21st, 2019 Blog, Instagram, Social Media, Socialyfe

Instagram Updates Part Three

Instagram - Centerlyne

Who doesn’t love Instagram Stories?! We use them all off the time to share funny videos with our friends or to share an update with Y’all. That said, again in December Instagram released a fun new feature, “Close Friends List”.

You can now choose a segmented list of users to show certain Stories to. You can actually create “close friends lists” on Stories, ensuring that the only people who can view it are those that you’ve chosen to see it.

Good news: business profiles have this ability, so you can actually create a single group of “close friends” to show exclusive content too. Again, think strategically here, how can this tool be used to your advantage for social marketing. While you have to be careful with this because you don’t want anyone to be excluded, one potential use case for this is to create a close friend group of your top-tier customers.

You can then use those stories for promotions for only them. I.e. “early access sale to gold members with code GOLDNOW,” and make sure that you mention in the story that it’s exclusive.

What’s the wait, get testing and be sure to add us to your stories @centerlyne on instagram!

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