Instagram Must Knows Part One

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Instagram Must Knows — Part 1

2018 has wrapped up and we’re full swing into 2019. While we’ve closed out another year, social media isn’t slowing down, in fact, we have some exciting Instagram updates to share!

In late November and December, Instagram rolled out a whole lot of selling features just in time for the holiday shopping rush, which resulted in giving us new ways to better connect with our target audience.

This makes total sense; we saw the big selling features in time to use them, and now Instagram has equipped us with features focusing on relationship-building that can be implemented now.

And remember, that’s what social media is really about– establishing communities and relationships with your audience.

Big news out of the Instagram community, and if you’re an avid blogger or know much about SEO this will really be a grand slam for you. Instagram has released their alternative text description feature.
Alternative text descriptions are exactly what they sound like: you place a description of what’s happening in the image or video in a designated place.
Users with screen readers will have the alternative text read out loud to them, giving them the context of the image even if they have trouble reading it.
This fantastic new feature is making the Instagram visual platform more accessible to visually impaired users, and it comes with two options:
You can rely on automatic alternative text, which uses pretty impressive object recognition technology to create audio descriptions on their own.
While this is undoubtedly efficient, remember that technology does have its limitations. This is available when users are seeing photos in feeds, Explore feed, and on individual profiles.
You can manually create your own custom text-based descriptions when users click on the photo or scroll through. This takes more time, but it’s the better option because it allows you to ensure that the description is accurate and that it highlights specific things you want to showcase.
Now, you’re probably wondering how you add your alt text to images, follow the screenshots below and we’ll be back talking about this feature here soon!

Instagram alternative text Centerlyne
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