Instagram Change Part Two

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Instagram Change Part Two

Instagram - Centerlyne

The changes for Instagram continued in December, this was actually a pretty robust month of change. If you missed our last post about the Alternative Text Descriptions, you can read it by clicking here. The alt text descriptions were just the first of many changes to come in December. In this edition, we’re talking about some of the cosmetic changes that took place as well as voice recording in those DMs.

The cosmetic changes of December. Instagram made a few slight, but interesting changes to their personal and business profiles. These changes are cosmetic changes, and they appeal to the user. This update included new icons, buttons, and tabs.

One example is the new “mutual followers” option, which allows you to see which followers you have in common with any given account, similar to how Facebook offers their mutual friends for each profile.

The look of Instagram business and personal profiles are also changing a bit, with updated layouts. Users will be able to see which of their friends follow a certain profile; this feature is a great addition for marketers and brands, as it gives the opportunity to leverage social proof.

Next, let’s dive into the fun new feature, voice messaging in direct messaging (DM’s). Voice messaging is rolling out on a wider basis for use in direct messaging. Voice messages can be sent in one-on-one chats and in group chats, and they can be up to a minute long.

You’re probably aware if you send a video or image in a direct message now on Instagram it eventually disappears. Well, with voice messaging, those messages are going to stick around, be permanent. As a brand, you’ll want to keep that in mind.

Many brands use DM’s for marketing and creating a sense of urgency for their sales, the disappearing messages is a great way for them to do this. However, with the voice message, this will need to be taken into consideration as they build their strategy because those messages are permanent.

All of that to say continued improvements and fun releases make social media a more powerful marketing tool for many brands out there!

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