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Guerilla Marketing. Take Advantage!

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By: Alec England
Centerlyne Columnist

In last week’s article, I discussed how Snapchat is quickly becoming the platform of choice for top marketers. Its popularity is quickly rising due to various new services and due to the coverage that analysts like myself have been giving it.

But due to recent strategies that marketers have been using on Snapchat, it seems that its popularity is growing faster than it can keep up with. Let me tell you right now- this is a good thing. Not for Snapchat necessarily, but for the marketers that use it.

One company in particular has taken advantage of Snapchat’s rapid growth in the business world. MeUndies, the comfortable underwear company that you see all over social media, is a clear leader in the strategy of guerilla marketing on Snapchat. But what do they do that is so different from every other business that uses Snapchat?

In this case, “Guerilla marketing” refers to the strategy they use to promote their product and therefore drive more purchases for free. How do they do it? Simple. At the moment of this writing, Snapchat does not yet have a payment system for advertisers. Since their platform is entirely visual and auditory, companies like MeUndies can promote their products by typing in a simple URL that takes viewers to their “shop” or “purchase” page. Their Snapchat followers see this, remember the URL, type it into their browsers, and buy their undies.

MeUndies, as a company, is on the larger side. But smaller companies can take advantage of this as well. Want to do it? Follow these directions:

  • The URL needs to be simple. Don’t type in something like “visit Viewers must easily be able to remember it in 10 seconds or less. Also, there is a character limit. Like I say time and time again, keep it simple.
  • The content behind the URL must be compelling. If you are reading this, I am assuming you have some kind of knowledge on effective marketing, so I’m sure you all knew that already.

That’s just about it. Simple, compelling. Waiting to take advantage of this moment in Snapchat’s development would be a terrible mistake for business owners. It won’t be long before the little ghost is grown up enough to have it’s own advertising payment system, so get on this while you can.

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