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App’s Indexing & Google

INDEX | Google | CenterlyneSo, Google indexes apps. This has been the case since October 2013, but only recently has it become commonplace. The reason it has grown to include app-centric content is simple: up until recently, it was impossible to find and index content that has been uploaded to an app. Now, obviously, it is possible. Simple.

To understand how this is done, we need to understand what exactly Google is able to search for. From what I understand of it, Google searches for the “deep links” that a website offers. A Deep Link is like any other link that you might click after searching for something on Google. The only difference is that a Deep Link takes you directly to a page within that company’s app, rather than to a page on their “.com” website.

If you have ever searched for, say, a video on your phone’s internet service (usually Safari or Chrome), you may be familiar with Deep Links. On Chrome, if you have the Youtube app downloaded on your Android (which you do), you will be asked if you would like to open the video either with Chrome or with the Youtube app. If you choose the app, you are taken to the page within that app that has the video you had searched for.

I leave out searches conducted on Safari because Google does. Safari is not a Google service, so Deep Link searches are limited with this browser. If you have an iPhone, other internet browsing services such as Chrome are available.

So, why does this matter to my business?

Good question, Alec. Let me break it down for you.

Apps are becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives along with other internet-based technologies. Being unable to search for apps was a huge drawback for Google. The inability to do so meant that they were missing out on a considerable amount of internet-based services. Now that it has changed, we need to change. Websites are still important to maintain, yes, but now we must create and maintain company apps as much as company websites.

Think of Google as the new App Store. Exposure is increased exponentially via a Google search than an App Store search, and now that Google can find apps, people are naturally going to turn to it to find and discover new apps to install on their devices. Companies can gain exposure with a successful app just as much as a successful website. In addition, while the app itself can gain exposure on Google, specific pages in an app can do the same.

This is where SEO comes in. Since app optimization was previously unheard of, the market is ripe for a properly optimized app to gain popularity and appear first on search results. More exposure=more customers. We all know that.

While this is still new in terms of the history of SEO, it is important to GET ON IT. Most companies do not have company apps. There hasn’t been a reason for it until now. App creation and optimization is key for a company’s survival in the noisy online world. For help getting started on app creation or optimization, don’t hesitate to contact us at Centerlyne.

By: Alec England, Columnist, Centerlyne


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