G Suite: Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Newest Productivity Suite

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Alec William England | Social media marketing
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G Suite

Google’s newest productivity suite can be summed up in two words: convenience and collaboration.

We have all seen and used Google’s apps from time to time. Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar… I use these all the time now that I’m out of college and I can’t download Microsoft Office for free anymore. Using these apps has been extremely convenient for me and people like me who work in writing and content creation. And I love the ability to share and collaborate in real time with co-workers and clients.

Until this point, I saw nothing wrong with Google Apps. And I still see nothing wrong with them. So when I first heard about Google Suite I remembered some of the wisest words I’ve ever heard: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

When I say, “I still see nothing wrong with them”, I am mainly talking about the apps themselves. Everything works great already. But it wasn’t until learning about Google Suite that I saw some minor improvements needed to be made. And Google made them. These mainly have to do with the ease of collaboration within G Suite.

The biggest changes with G Suite that I can see Google has made without actually paying for it have to do with convenience and collaboration. Now that I think about it, that is pretty much the one and only drawback to G Suite. The apps themselves (Docs, Sheets, etc.) are 100% free to use. G Suite is not.

As it is right now, Google app users are able to share and co-edit their work simply by using the apps. But in order to share and collaborate, the initial creator needs to invite others to edit their work each and every time they create a new document, spreadsheet, or powerpoint presentation. Let’s say you and I run a business together. We have a big meeting coming up and we have to present some stuff at this meeting. You are out of town for the week and I want to share two different word documents, a financial report, and a powerpoint for an upcoming presentation. Using Google apps alone I need to make those things individually and invite you to edit them each time I make them. Not only that, but you can’t see or edit them until you formally accept my invitation. Apply this to larger and larger projects, and you can see how this would get annoying.

G Suite addresses these problems in two ways:

1. All Google apps are under one roof with G Suite.

Larger projects require many different types of information. These can include (but are not limited to) proposals, spreadsheets, forms, video conferences, the list goes on. Instead of having to open these different formats of information individually, the information is grouped together in one easily accessible location. This streamlines everything. Any part of a project is accessible by those who are permitted to access it. Easy! Speaking of permissions…

2. Team members can access anything with one invitation.

One and done. Instead of having to go into each and every document, video, spreadsheet, and slide presentation to invite multiple team members, members can be invited to the overall project once and be able to access everything that it includes. Again, this saves even more time that could be spent actually creating your content.

Many large corporations already use G Suite. If your business requires in-depth collaboration with many different forms of content among many different people in many different locations, G Suite is well worth the investment. If saving time and driving innovation is your bag, baby, I’d say go for it. At a minimum of $5 per person per month, G Suite enables users to collaborate on anything at any time like no other cloud collaboration can.

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