Facebook Analytics: What to Pay Attention to – Post 1

By June 6, 2018 Facebook, Social Media

Let’s be honest, Facebook gives you a lot of data, probably more than you really need.

That’s why we’re taking some time to break it down for you.

The amount of information one can get from Facebook on their post performance, audience, demographics, and campaign tracking is fascinating. Well, at least for us data nerds.

While having all this information at our finger tips is nice, it’s only useful if you understand which part of the analytics are relevant to your business.

So, we’ve pulled together a series of 4 posts, to further discuss 8 metrics you’ll want to track. Below are the first 2 metrics:

  1. Post Engagement:
    Engagement measures the number of times someone takes action on your posts. Engagement could be liking (having a reaction), clicking a link, commenting, or sharing the post.
    To find this data you’ll want to go to the insights tab and click posts, from there you can explore engagement!
    Why Measure Engagement?
    Engagement is one of the top Facebook metrics to track.
    To begin, engagement is a sign that people actually like or feel connected to the content that is being shared.
    Another reason engagement is valuable, is because it gives your posts more exposure to your audience, since the Facebook algorithm is designed to show the posts to the people that show the most interest in them.
  2. Post Reach:
    Reach is the number of people who see your content on Facebook.
    Reach can be organic, paid, or a combination of both efforts. This is relevant and should be tracked, because, as your audience grows, you also want your reach to grow.
    In order to grow your reach with the Facebook algorithm, you may need to run social ads (for more information on social ads contact us at: hello@centerlyne.com), to help with the increase and awareness.
    To find your reach data, click your insights tab, and you’ll see an overview. If you’d like to see more in-depth reach, simply click the Reach tab.
    Why Measure Reach?
    Although Facebook reach for business has declined over the past few years, it’s not impossible to keep your reach high.
    Reach allows you to see if you’re posts are engaging and in alignment with your brands image.
    Simply measure each month and strive to be consistent on your reach month to month. Remember, don’t be afraid to run social media ads to increase your reach!

For questions on the first two Facebook metrics and analytics, send us an email and we’ll be in touch!

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