Facebook Analytics: Important Metrics – Post 2

By July 2, 2018 Facebook

Facebook – Important Metrics

We’re back, this time covering the second part of our general Facebook Analytics conversation. Like we said in part 1, Facebook gives you a lot of information, some of which you really need and some of which is less important.   

Here are two more important metrics to pay attention to when timing and planning your posts on Facebook.  

1. Referral Traffic

Facebook referral traffic is the traffic sent to your website FROM Facebook. This includes traffic from those clicking links in posts, traffic from shared articles that link back to your website, or visits from clicks on profile links. You’re probably wondering where you find this analytic report. You’ll need to go to your google analytics accounts, to the acquisitions tab, to social… there you’ll see this specific analytic report.

Why Measure Referral Traffic?

Facebook is a great platform to not only engaging your followers, but also drive them to your desired location. You drive those followers to your “location” by providing a link back to your Facebook posts that encourage your followers to click. When you’re getting these clicks, “referrals”, you’re successful, because followers are feeling compelled by the preview that you’ve shown them in the post.

If you notice your referral traffic is declining, it could be a sign that:

  • Your audience is no longer interested in the content you’re sharing.
  • Your reach is less, due to algorithms (go ahead and create a social media ad).
  • The preview isn’t pulling followers in

Be creative, and work outside of the box, to help mitigate any drop in referral traffic.

2. Likes & Follows

Pretty self explanatory, page likes are those who have selected to “like” your page and “follow” your page. These people have opted to see your posts on their feed, they want to be up to date with what you’re offering / sharing.

To find this data, visit your insights tab, and click the “Likes” tab on the left hand side. From here you can see how many new likes you have, how many have “unliked” your page, and where the new likes are coming from.

Why Measure Page Likes?

Some consider page Likes to be a vanity metric, however, we would disagree. Your page likes are important, because you have shared a message that resonates with each and every one of those likes, therefore viewers are interested in your page.

When you combine page likes, reach, and engagement, you start to see your “magic” numbers. This is a true indication of growth and “popularity.” These are the numbers you want to see continued growth, not losses.

For more information on other Facebook analytics or overall social media awareness, visit our blog. Or, if you have questions about these two metrics, feel free to send us a message!

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