Facebook is Changing (Again)

Facebook wants you to post more original content. To encourage this, they are changing their news feed algorithms again. Find out what this means for individual users and businesses on Facebook.

Alec William England | Social media marketing
Alec England
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Facebook news feed algorithm changes

Good example, bad screenshot.

Though Facebook is regarded as the mother of all social media networks, they apparently have been experiencing a declining number of users who post original content. With all of the actual news that floods our news feeds, this seems probable. No one has been posting original content ever since everyone became a professional political analyst/lawyer/motivational speaker. Take a look at your news feed today. Chances are, a vast majority of posts that show up are non-native videos and articles. In other words, none of what you see has been made by your Facebook friends. It was made by a someone else and simply shared by your Facebook friends.

To combat this, they plan on changing their news feed algorithm once again. They hope that the change will put the posts of users’ friends and family first, followed by news posts, and finally entertainment/celebrity posts. While this might initially sound like a positive change, it has it’s downfalls. Especially for businesses.

Looking back at Facebook’s recent history, this change may come as a shock. For years, Facebook has been vehemently encouraging any and all companies to use it for marketing purposes. They wanted companies to reach out to their customers via Facebook, both helping these companies to drive sales while increasing the total number of active users on Facebook.

The problem, however, is that their efforts worked a little bit too well. From what I see happening, when individual users see their news feeds flooded with rich content from various companies, they think that original status updates and posts are becoming a thing of the past. No one wants to be behind the times, so individual users are posting more and more un-original content (news articles, YouTube videos, etc.)

This trend is a huge problem for Facebook, which relies on engaging and original content from users’ friends and family to keep them coming back for more. Sorry to break it to over half of my Facebook friends, but I don’t want to keep checking Facebook if I know that I will be bombarded by your copy-and-paste opinion on whatever issue is trending right now.

This is what it all means for companies on Facebook:

  1. It will be harder to reach a solid audience via organic posting.
  2. Since organic traffic will be harder to accumulate, paid advertising may become more expensive due to an increased demand for it.
  3. Companies will need to re-evaluate their content policies in order to appeal to more people on a more personal level. In other words, they will need to compete with users’ actual friends and family for their attention on Facebook.

And this is how we know to stay on top of your followers’ news feeds (at the moment):

  1. Keep posting content that is engaging and relatable to your followers.
  2. If you haven’t already, include rich media in your posts (photos and video).
  3. Take advantage of the new live feed! Since it is native to Facebook, their new algorithms are likely to favor live feed content over non-native content.

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