Exclusivity: How to Grow Your Follower Base

Alec William England | Social media marketing
 Alec England
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Social Media Exclusivity

The idea behind exclusivity on social media is not to create an elitist following for your business. Rather, it is to encourage other social media users to follow you in order to reap the benefits of what you offer.

A common goal shared among social media marketers is to gain as many active followers as possible. This is a good goal to have, but many often think about it the wrong way. In the past (before social media), this goal was achieved by blasting your message out to anyone who had eyes and ears. Print ads. Billboards. TV commercials. If you had something to share, you made people see it regardless of whether or not they wanted to. That’s just how it was done.

But trends brought on by social media have begun to demand new methods of marketing. These methods are a huge step away from the traditional “show everyone” style. Instead, we are seeing companies withhold information from the masses. This method of marketing is exclusive to social media. In short, companies are showing a great deal of exclusivity when sharing information on social media.

Exclusivity in social media puts a separation between followers and other users that is crucial for encouraging interest in your brand.

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Following an “exclusive” marketing strategy means that you save crucial information for your followers only. Basically, you form a “club” comprised of your company’s insiders, staff, and followers. When done alone, forming this “club” puts a barrier between your company and the rest of all social media users. This is not the way to go about creating exclusivity for your brand. Only doing this will prove to be detrimental when looking for new followers. No one knows who you are, because you were too cool to let everyone else know who you are.

Instead, give your non-following audience a few little snippets of information. Teasers that pull them in just enough to look in to to following you. But make it clear that by simply following you on social media they will gain access to exclusive content, sales, promotions, etc. The idea is to make following you irresistible with exclusive content that they won’t get anywhere else. They HAVE to follow you.

As previously stated, this method completely contradicts the previously-held notions that you must always share as much as you can to as many people as you can. You don’t, and you shouldn’t. Mass sharing creates an air of desperation for your brand, something that consumers hate to see. They want to feel like they are a part of something great. The way to do that is through exclusivity- keeping the real promotions, deals, and other content private until they hit “follow”.

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