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By October 6, 2017 Email Marketing, Socialyfe

Content | Email Marketing is a powerful tool

We’ve talked about it quite a bit recently. Content marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for your website’s SEO and overall business and brand awareness. Today, we’ll take a deeper look at two key elements of content marketing strategy; email marketing and social media.

Comparing email marketing and social media is like comparing apples to apples. Both can be effective tools when used correctly in your content marketing strategy. However, it is often difficult to determine which approach will perform better in a particular situation. Which do you feel works better for your business? We’ve heard quite a bit that email marketing out performs social media ten-fold, but we have to disagree. We’ve also heard that email marketing and social media are just two different beasts and therefore can’t really be compared, but again we have to disagree.

In truth, email marketing and social media work best when used in tandem. There’s probably a bit of overlap between your email list and your social media followers, but most often you’ll be reaching very different audiences. However, when you “push” a post to social media, the organic reach is limited due to the Facebook algorithm, and average email open rates vary by industry. At the end of the day, the more links you get out there, the greater the likelihood of your content being seen.

A major benefit of using both email marketing and social media is that you can EASILY track your return on investment (and we all know that many business decisions are based on ROI). In addition to their trackability, these tools are also the cheapest form of advertising for a business. With email marketing, your conversion rate is phenomenal, and with social media, the power is in building brand awareness and engagement.

Bottom line, the question of email marketing vs. social media, comes down to your business goals and the message you’re trying to get across. When creating your marketing strategy, leveraging all aspects of your content marketing plan will lead to growth in your search engine rankings, brand awareness, and overall brand credibility.

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