Delta’s Awesome Video…WHAT??

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Delta Airlines Video….WHAT??

On May 25, 2015, Delta Airlines became the coolest airline on the internet. How, you ask? By paying homage to the internet’s most beloved characters and memes in their newest safety video. They call it, “The Internetest Safety Video on the Internet”. Before you read any further, click the link and watch the video below. Trust me, it is worth the six minutes and seven seconds.

Done? Good. While this video is extremely entertaining and engaging, it got me thinking about where we might be going with advertisements and such.

The video’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that everyone who has been a passenger with Delta Airlines since May 25th has seen it. Since then, the video has gained over 5.5 million views. To put this into perspective, I got that number after watching it three days after its release. 5.5 million views in three days. How are YOUR videos doing?

Some have dismissed the video as a lame attempt to be “hip” or “cool” with the internet. However, those individuals neglect to understand that the memes presented in the video are tremendously popular. Their viewers are no longer limited to only hip internet users aged 16-23 or whatever. Get over yourselves. Everyone (well, mostly everyone) has seen them and are familiar with them. Given this, I say it is a progressive step in a new direction for marketers.

Using such familiar material shows both a step forward and backward in social media marketing. It is a step forward because they had tried something new and different, leading to a huge success. The step backward is the most interesting to me, though.

Internet users are constantly bombarded with ads. Most of these are aiming to be fresh. New. The next big thing. It makes sense, given the rapidly-changing society that we live in today. It seems advertisers are looking to be two steps ahead of the times with their content, especially on the internet. Delta has done the opposite. They have taken a step back and used cultural phenomena that we already know. People recognize and understand it. And that is why their video is so successful.

Now, I’m not saying you should go hire Double Rainbow Guy or Doge to talk about how cool your business is. I am, however, suggesting that as business owners we can learn from this trend. What if consumers need a break from constant progression? What if our ads become more relatable? I say it is time we follow Delta’s lead and take a break from that constant change. At least for a while. Slow down and let consumers catch up. Doing so could lead to dramatically increased exposure and appreciation for your business.

By: Alec England, Columnist, Centerlyne

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