Creating the Perfect Offer for Your Audience

We commonly get asked, what do we offer our clients?

Meaning, what encourages our prospective clients to purchase from our business and stick around? Whether it be a service, product, program, e-book, online course, etc., this is what you create and make available for your customers.

The key here is to seek your audience’s opinion. If you have an offer on the top of your mind, ask if your audience is interested. Based on their feedback, you’ll know if putting the effort into said project will be worth your time. It may seem pretty obvious, but many businesses are not surveying their current or potential clients. Logically, it makes complete sense. After all, why put in the effort on a project if ultimately your audience is not going to want or need it?

Surveying your audience is something you can do a few times per year. Based on our expertise, we’d suggest quarterly. Your audience is ever-changing, and hopefully your follower count is increasing, so new people are finding you based on the content you are already curating. When possible, seek out geographic and demographic information about your audience. Use Google Analytics as well as Insights in Instagram to learn more. You’ll get to know your engaged followers just like they get to know your business.

How To Ask:

Use your computer and create an electronic survey. If you’d like to feed the question to your entire audience, create this survey on SurveyMonkey or Google Forms. This allows you to talk about it on your blog, in your email newsletter, and on your social media accounts. If you’re looking for feedback from only your social following, simply use the story tools on Instagram and Facebook. Within the story you can create a “poll” and ask questions, and followers can submit their answers through the stories.

Beyond using polls, you can use analytics to see where your key traffic is on your website. This will show you your most popular content and what people are enjoying. This is a great resource, if you do not have Google Analytics, you can set that up by clicking here.

Social media also has their own Insight features, and this will allow you to see your most popular content that you’ve already created. From your posts to your stories, you will be able to track.

Create Your Promise:

Once you’ve determined your offer, create your promise. People will buy from those they feel comfortable with, and those who will deliver. You need to nurture your clients and followers like they are your child. You have to gain trust, digitally. Metaphorically speaking, paint a picture for what your potential customers’ lives will look like, after they’ve experienced your product or services. Will their life be easier? Better? More enjoyable in some way? Focus on the end result when creating products and stay focused on that goal throughout the entire process.

Launch Time:

Now that you’ve surveyed your audience, built an offer, and created your promise, it’s time to launch. Start by spreading the word in a small fashion, letting key followers on your email list know. Once that goes well, write a blog and follow that up with posts to your social accounts. Starting with a fraction of your audience allows you to make sure your launch is successful, that you are not overwhelmed by change, and that the initial feedback is positive.

We wish you the best on your offer launch! If you have questions or need a strategic mind, feel free to reach out to us at Centerlyne.

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