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With so many different platforms, daily users, and competing businesses on social media, it can be difficult to find your audience and compete with the “big boys”. No, scratch that. It IS difficult. But it isn’t impossible. Here are a few ways to boost your presence on social media without getting annoying.

Creating social media content is something that we all need to do in order to command attention for our businesses.  But merely posting a status update or a random tweet is often not enough these days. Companies need to make engaging content if they are to have any hope of gaining attention on social media. The definition of “engaging” varies from company to company. But the formats in which companies can share this content don’t. These content formats are simple, effective, and easy to share on social media:

1. Lists

Sadly, no one really likes to read very much lately. But that doesn’t mean that your social media followers can’t. Text-based content can be extremely effective when organized into lists. First of all, the order of a list naturally appeals to the human brain. Second of all, lists give readers a “checkpoint” to strive for. Breaking your written content up into smaller portions gives a less daunting look to it. Instead of sharing one long, droning block of text, break it up into sections. It makes it easier to “digest” for your followers.

2. Infographics

Infographics provide easily understandable information to your social media followers. The layout alone garners interest, while the readability inherent in infographics puts your content at an advantage among other forms of content. They force you, as a content creator, to get to the point rather than enabling you to get all wordy with what you are trying to say.

3. Videos

Though they take time to do well, creating and sharing videos provides your followers with easily accessible and understandable information without asking them to read through anything (heaven forbid your followers have to READ). Though videos are thought of as a strictly visual medium, many forget about the audio side of them. Giving your followers the ability to listen to your content enables them to consume your content even while they are away from their computer screen.

4. Podcasts

Going further on the “listening” side of content consumption, podcasts provide yet another effective avenue in content creation. But be warned, they take a lot of commitment. Weekly updates are regular occurrences in the Podcast world, and your listeners (once you get them) rely on you to consistently be able to discuss and share brand new content in depth. Podcasts are best saved for the topics that you are really, and I mean REALLY, passionate about. No faking it here, because your listeners are just as, if not more, passionate about your topic(s) than you are.

Keeping tabs on your social media content strategy is the surest way to find new followers while keeping your current followers engaged. Taking different approaches to creating your content will keep your followers interested, while ensuring that they will actually consume and understand your content.

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