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WEB DESIGN | WEB DEVELOPMENT | CENTERLYNE SUCCESSPassion is a big part of what the team at Centerlyne is all about. The two principles of the graphic design, social marketing and creative agency in Bellevue both have a passion for their work, for their clients and for a place they feel lucky to call home.

“There is never a day that I don’t love to look at the mountains here,” said Sarah Shepard, who’s also well known by her maiden name, McGinnis. “It never gets old. I love everything about it.”

Sarah grew up in the Valley but, after spending several years on the East Coast, she returned home. She eventually married the man of her dreams, Tom, and the two are raising two teenagers, Sydney and Zack. It was nearly a decade ago now that a friend asked Sarah to build a website. She found that she not only had an interest in the growing field, but a gift for it as well.

Sarah began taking classes, learned to write code and launched her own business called The Site Vamp. The ever-changing dynamics of the web and social media require constant learning, something that Sarah really enjoys about the field.

“It’s always changing and that’s one of the things I like about it. It challenges you to always be learning and to stay on top of trends and ideas,” she said.

Nancy Glick was born and raised in Washington state and she, too, has always had a natural ability when it comes to technology and graphic design. “Things just click for me,” she said. “I love technology and I love art.”

After a successful career in the high-tech world of Seattle, Nancy left the city for the mountains of Idaho. She met her husband, Josh – who is the co-owner of Bashista Construction – on St. Patrick’s Day, in 1994.

Nancy really “blossomed,” as she put it, while working for the late Western photographer David Steochlein. She eventually founded her own business called The Pixel Bakery.

A friend introduced Sarah and Nancy over dinner and the two instantly hit it off. When they realized they had complimentary skills and styles, they decided to join forces and last year Centerlyne was born.

The dynamic duo has seen their business flourish, including winning the bid to do the upcoming visitor guide, relocation guide and membership directory called “The Chamber.”

“We have a lot of experience and we work well together,” Nancy said, adding that they’re always trying to add local talent to their team, like salesperson Erin Herrett and graphic designer Julie Molema.

“We want the businesses we help to be successful and to feel empowered,” Sarah said. “Our goal is to give you the tools you need to succeed.”


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